Our packages, and prices

We offer six standard backup packages, ranging from 10 up to 1000 GB, the only difference is the size, which you can choose after the free trial. If none of these packages suit your, let us know what you want at [email protected]

Package S10 S40 S100 S250 S500
Max storage size 10GB 40GB 100GB 250GB 500GB 1000GB
14 day no-risk Trial
Secure,Encrypted SSH Connection
24×7 email support included
Synology Native Backup
Web access
Secure FTP access
Rsync access
Traffic allowance Unlimited
 Backup Frequency (incremental) Daily
Contract period 1 Month
Price per month*  € 10 € 20 € 35 € 65
Price per Year*
€ 15 € 50 € 110 € 220 € 385 € 715

*  All published prices are excluding 21% VAT (For Dutch companies and citizens)

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